Main Entry: iro┬Ěny
    Function: noun
    1 : a pretense of ignorance and of willingness to learn from another assumed in order to make the other's false conceptions conspicuous by adroit questioning -- called also Socratic irony
    2 a : the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning b : a usually humorous or sardonic literary style or form characterized by irony
    3 a (1) : incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result
    synonym see WIT

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October 16, 2006



Was anybody ever sucessful in picking you up? You sound lika a diva.


Yeah. That's what I am (please see definition of irony at left).

The very second someone not frightening comes my way, I'll let ya know, anomynous.


Just remember, if you don't like a guy for his looks or personality, don't be rude to him. Don't treat him like garbage. A lot of woman make this mistake.


I hear you! I just don't do well with creepy aggression from creepy strangers. Looks or personality (aside from creepy aggression) have nothing to do with it. :) I suspect both these incidents have to do with the major cultural differences that you run into in cities with tons of different cultures and ethnicities. What's creepy (and therefore funny) to me, an All American girl, and more pointedly, an all New Englander, may be perfectly charming to the next girl in line. That's life right? I rarely write about what works, because, well, it's not very funny usually. Comedy comes from things gone wrong. I should know, I got an A in Comedy Class!


Oh, and I forgot: it's universally accepted amongst women (at least, the ones I know) that any guy you like is by default the most awesome looking guy in the world.


Comedy comes from things gone wrong. I should know, I got an A in Comedy Class!



again, may I direct your attention to the afore mentioned definition of IRONY at left.

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