Main Entry: iro·ny
    Function: noun
    1 : a pretense of ignorance and of willingness to learn from another assumed in order to make the other's false conceptions conspicuous by adroit questioning -- called also Socratic irony
    2 a : the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning b : a usually humorous or sardonic literary style or form characterized by irony
    3 a (1) : incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result
    synonym see WIT

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February 26, 2007



Well, I hope you're not TOO over the Ventresca/Ben-Victor duo. I'm currently developing a film to bring the I-Man cast together again in a brand new story. Maybe this will be something that interests you?

Feel free to check it out at


I will NEVER be over those two. NEVER!


Glad to hear it!


So uh... can you hook me up with Darrien? I have no problem with him being a fictional character.


Well, Darien is currently too busy for a relationship. The Official has got him traveling all over the world on all kinds of crazy that he doesn't need counteragent anymore. And even if he was available, you'd have thousands of other fans in line ahead of you.


sigh. I'll work on cute Sean from Psych then. ;)

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